Dear Goddess, Welcome! 



“Our world is being destroyed by the masculine. We have come so far away from a simpler time, a time of peace, a time of truth, and a time of togetherness, when nature was more protected, community was encouraged, the Goddess was praised & women had a bigger role. I strongly feel that our world is longing for us women to help heal, nurture, & restore it back to peace, harmony, & beauty, only the way a woman’s heart can do. With your help we can build our sisterhood, a beautiful tribe of empowered & unleashed women & claim back our place within this world!” 

~ Gaia Rose ~

Calling ALL heart centred Female Entrepreneurs, leaders, Healers, Creatives, visionary’s, Homemakers, Mothers, daughters, Change Makers, & Love Makers!


ॐ Do you want to feel more connected to your life’s purpose, the power of your heart, & the truth of your soul?

ॐ Are you tired of ‘playing small’?

ॐ Would you like the opportunity to SPEAK UP with more confidence, authentically & from the heart?

ॐ Do you feel a calling, a feminine re-awakening within you, a great pull to inspire, heal, & empower other women, so we can restore peace & healing within ourselves & upon our Great Mother Earth?


Awakened Woman Workshop



‘Awakening the Shakti’ – Meditation Events



Sacred Circle Guidebook


Gaia’s Book ‘The Blossoming Rose’



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“Remember who you are; A Wild, Empowered, Goddess of the Earth…So go out & be that!”


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