About Gaia Rose

“My dream is to travel the world with my family,
spiritually teaching, empowering, & inspiring others, re-awakening them to the power of their hearts, &  spreading Mother Earths message of love, peace, & truth, the feminine way! 

~ Gaia Rose ~

IMG_3434Gaia Rose is the UK’s Spiritual Teacher, inspirational public speaker, Mother of ‘Awakened Woman®’, & published author.  She has appeared in Various magazines, has a children’s poem published ‘You Can Be Anything’, & is Author of spiritual healing & self-awareness Book ‘The Blossoming Rose’ – Healing Words For A Woman’s Heart.

An inspirational poem of Gaia’s entitled ‘Speak Up’ has also now been used in many lectures across the world.  

Gaia is also passionate about supporting & assisting many charities. One charity she sponsored was Hoops aid May 8th 2016, founded by sports personality Lance Haggith (picture design below)


She likes to assist by also creating bespoke Workshops for females of all ages around empowerment & the power of the heart.

She has worked for many years as a messenger For our Mother Earth (Gaia), teaching that the Earth we live upon is a conscious living, breathing being which needs our love as much as we need hers.

In Gaia’s Teachings, Workshops, or talks, she helps people re-awaken to the truth of their heart, confidently speak up, & to rise into the person they know in their heart they can be.

In every moment, whether in a large crowd or an intimate gathering, Gaia works from a deeply loving, compassionate, & heartfelt space in all she does, allowing surrounding energies & her great hearts wisdom to guide her. She treats each soul with great attention, empathy, compassion, & respect, lovingly & passionately guiding & encouraging them to embrace their fears, re-igniting their inner fire, reclaim their self worth, & empower them from their past, so that they may stand strong in their truth, speak up from the voice within, & live a deeply happy & fulfilled life of purpose, continuing to shine their Sacred light whilst fully connected to their heart in all areas of life.


Personal Life

Gaia is a mother of two & married to her soulmate. She was born in London in 1980 as Teri Miller, but due to the many changes she has gone through & all her work with Mother Earth, She changed her name to Gaia Rose to not only honour the Earth, but to also reflect the Empowered Woman she is today.

Her real Spiritual ‘awakening’ & depth for writing came after losing her 26 year old brother in a fire when she was only 24. Michael Miller was a firefighter who died in the line of duty. Due to he’s bravery Gaia & her family were invited to Buckingham Palace for a private meeting with Her Majesty the Queen to receive the George Medal in he’s honour. A moment which still fills Gaia with huge pride. Over the years, due to her life’s pain, she began writing & her creative side fully emerged, which also took her down a music path where for a while she professionally sung & wrote for various artists in the music industry.

Here she is pictured (below) at the Angel Film Awards in Monaco with country folk legend Donovan, where her music was up for an award on a short film.


She Slowly realised this wasn’t fulfilling her, as much as she loves music & writing, this path wasn’t her purpose, so she left it all behind to journey a deeper more spiritual path, back to the truth of her heart.

She has now been Spiritually Speaking, teaching, & guiding others for many years & has journeyed or explored many paths such as; Spiritual counselling, coaching, Reiki, shamanism, energy healing, HerbCraft, phycology, & the power of the heart, but her real qualification comes in her life’s experiences. She has been through many adversities & overcome things such as homelessness, sexual & physical child abuse, drug abuse, the loss of two siblings, (to name but a few), & has battled through anxiety, depression, & pts, but through all of her struggles, her deep passion & optimism for life is hugely infectious, & her great determination to continue to never give up, to re-create herself, & to help others do the same, is undeniably inspiring & courageous.

Gaia occasionally gives inspiring & very down-to-earth talks at various locations around the Uk, (See Here) whilst also teaching beautiful training Workshops for the more spiritually hearted souls, helping others feel more comfortable in being ALL which they are in every walk of life, empowering them to speak up with authenticity, connect more deeply to Mother Earth, & to return to the truth & inner wisdom of their heart in the most beautifully real & inspiring way!


“My life is now devoted to not only continuing to Awaken my own heart power, but Awakening the heart power which lays within others also, so we can all live a more heart based purposeful & passionate life for ourselves, for eachother, & for our Great Mother Earth”


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