Heart Conversations EP3 ~ Open Your Heart To Receive

We often find it much easier to give, but rarely take time to fully receive too, and don’t even realise the importance of this.

Opening our heart to fully receive sends signs to the universe that we are ready!  It brings in more opportunities, more help, more guidance, and more of what we need to help us grow into our greatest self…but it’s up to us to say YES!

~ Gaia Rose



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What is the Shakti?

“The repression of the feminine has led to a planet on the edge of collapse – The re-awakening is going to be a dance to behold” – Clare Dakin

The Shakti symbolises the feminine maternal principle, the yin, and the activating of divine feminine power within us women. I’ve come to find it is the flow of energy which our great Mother Earth (Gaia) brings.

Although Shakti is forever flowing, women have a greater abundance of feminine flow, whilst men have a more abundance of masculine flow (although both sexes have feminine and masculine within each).

It can also known as Kundalini. This is the great divine feminine force of infinite wisdom which lays dormant at the base of our spine.
When awoken, the Shakti is then released, continuing her journey up our ‘inner Roses of Awakening’ (as I call them in my meditation) through the spiritual body, helping our ‘separate’ self feel more connected and aligned with the Divine.  Once our Shakti awakens, we become more alive, more compassionate, more open in our heart, more connected to the Goddess, and literally more ‘awake’ to the truth within and without.

When we women learn how to awaken this incredibly empowering and healing flow of the Shakti, we become whole, and our Divine Feminine awakens, helping us to stand in our truth, in a greater knowing of who we are, and with a deeper understanding of our path.

Awakening the Shakti’  Meditation was birthed to bring the divine feminine energy back into the hearts of women. It helps to heal, release, AWAKEN, empower, and connect us more deeply to our true essence, so we may walk our journey living in alignment with our heart, always.

~ Gaia Rose

The Awakened Woman® UK

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Heart Conversations EP2 ~ Bullying

Bullying, especially amongst children, is something which needs to be firmly addressed and spoken about, as it’s only by speaking up and ‘outing’ the bully that the victims of bullying claim back their power.

In this little episode I speak with my son Campbell about he’s own experiences with bullying and how he got through it.

I’m very proud of him and we hope it helps inspire someone else to speak up and know that they are not alone.

~ Gaia Rose



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Heart Conversations EP1 ~ Why Authority?

It is so important as a mother, to make quality time for your daughter, simply to chat, listen, and hold space for her to share and express her hearts voice in whichever way she feels.

In this podcast episode my daughter is discussing with me about authority and why we don’t need it!

It was a beautiful and humourous discussion I think you’ll agree!

(This was my very first podcast so the quality isn’t that great, but it’s so beautiful I just can’t take it off)

~ Gaia Rose



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When the feminine heart is open…

‘When we women open our hearts for ourselves, we also open our hearts for others’

When the feminine heart is open… She has the power to heal the greatest scars, empower the most fearful mind, and bring love to the loneliest soul.

When the feminine heart is open… Her greatest strength emerges – Love…not only for others but for herself.  Through Her opened heart, she helps open and Awaken the hearts of those around her; Women, Daughters, Men, and Sons.

When the feminine heart is open…her true voice is spoken.  Unafraid to share her scars, inspiring others with her story, and unapologetically herself.

When the feminine heart is open…her greatest creations are birthed, her highest intuition is awake, and her most beautiful words are spoken.

When the feminine heart is open…it is not weakness you shall see, it is a wild warrior who honours both her feminine and masculine, the empowered goddess and unleashed wolf.

When the feminine heart is open…She becomes a force of nature, at one with Mother Earth and her great inner seasons of emotions.

When the feminine heart is open…She honours her softness, but also her assertiveness, she opens herself to saying yes, but also knows when to say no, she unconditionally gives, but also allows herself to receive, and she Never settles for anything or anyone who does not value her time or her worth.

When the feminine heart is open...there is nothing more beautiful.

You see, this world will be saved by the Hearts of western woman, as it is only within the opened hearts of the feminine where the greatest healing power resides.

~ GaiaRose ~

The Awakened Woman® UK

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The Re-emergence of Mother Gaia is Awakening!

I see, feel, and know within the depths of my heart, within the sacredness of my Womb, and in the ever evolving visions within my highest Divine Feminine self, that one day in the not so distance future, this world will once again truly acknowledge, accept, and honour the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, our Earth Mother Gaia.

There shall be Temples in every country and city to praise the Goddess of the Earth and her great spirit, where sisters and brothers who support the feminine will stand together in unity. Herbcraft, healing, prayer, and regular meditation will be a beautiful part of each of our daily lives, much more so than it is now.

All it takes is for one soul, one human to rise up and lead the way for other sisters, to help remember the truth of who we are, who we’ve always been; Goddesses and Priestesses of the highest power. It is our Sacred Feminine birth right, but we have forgotten…

Mother Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, she is calling the hearts of the Sacred Feminine to AWAKEN and rise together, to bring our light, our love, our compassion, and our great peace back into her world, only the way a woman’s heart can do.

Like all great Mothers, there is only so much you can do to her baby before feeling her wrath! This world is her baby, but now, after war against war, corruption, greed, famine, violence, killings, destruction of her land, our Great Mother is PISSED!

So be ready, because the re-emergence of the Mother Goddess IS awakening, and it shall be a dance to behold!

~ Gaia Rose

The Awakened Woman® UK

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The Awakened Woman…

It’s a beautiful thing when you realize your own inner beauty, inner strength, and inner courage. You realize that you are the creator of your life, your happiness, and your surroundings. You realize that you are no longer responsible for anyone else but yourself. You’re no longer responsible for another’s energy but your own. You become empowered. You see your faults but don’t see them as a weakness, you see them as something to learn and grow from. You know your worth and you speak without fear of consequences because your voice always comes from a place of truth.

The Awakened Woman knows the depths of her pain, knows the story behind her scars, and knows that through all of the struggles she’s endured she will forever keep her head high, moving forward with an inner smile, because through all of her tears she realizes that nothing will ever beat her spirit, and anything troublesome that comes along she will conquer and grow stronger from once again. She sees all challenges as growth and recognises the teachings within them.

The Awakened Woman is a fighter, born with a surviving spirit from birth. She is confident in who she is and where she’s been, but is also humble in the knowledge that she is forever learning. At times, she has a strong exterior, but inside, the softest of hearts. She loves to love and share another’s pain, giving those that hurt her many chances because she sees the struggles, but she’s also wise enough to know when to walk away.

The Awakened Woman has learnt to love all that she was, all that she is, and all that she’s going to be. Her trust is no longer in how the world sees her and the connections she makes, but rather in the connection she has within herself and spirit, as she knows that spirit is where she came from and where she will return…

~ Gaia Rose ~

Author, Spiritual Teacher,

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Pray for peace…


Tired of seeing a beautiful planet destroyed by the hands of MAN.
Tired of seeing innocent humans, children, animals, killed, abused, and slaughtered, by the hands of MAN.
Tired of seeing human beings STARVE and go without clean water!!!  This world has enough bloody money to fix this but it’s in the banks of the greedy!
Tired of seeing and hearing war after war, greed after greed, destruction, bullying, killing, homelessness, stabbing, shootings, and abuse of any kind.
Tired of living by rules, set by a bunch of people who claim they are a government simply so they can grant themselves power in a world THEY didn’t create!
Tired of boarders, of a divided world, due to little things like religion, race, or the colour of our skin, when the only thing that truly divides us is the love or hate we each individually hold and whether we live from our head, or from our heart.
I’m so bloody tired, and deeply saddened by it all…

So I pray….PLEASE pray with me…

‘I pray to Our Mother Earth and to all Gods and Goddess’s out there to AWAKEN the human race to the TRUTH and bring down PEACE into the hearts of those that pick up any weapon of destruction, bring down PEACE into the hearts of those that hate, bring down PEACE into the hearts of those with great anger or violence, and bring down PEACE into the minds of all those who think ANY war is creating a peaceful world.  I pray that you send an abundance of LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY to fill their heart and soul so they may drop their fists, drop their violence, drop their hateful words, drop their control, and drop their weapons, and realise that the ONLY act that ever truly brings peace, is PEACE.

“War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” ~ Edwin Starr

~ Gaia Rose 🌹
#war #speakup #Unity #WorldPeace

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Dancing with the Shadows

We love, we cry, we fall, we rise, we are WOMAN.

So often we celebrate the light & the beauty, not really stopping to take a moment to see that there would be no beauty without the pain, there would be no conquering without the courage that fear pushes us into, & there would be not light to shine through without darkness beside it.

We women are beautifully complex creatures of the Earth who ebb & flow with the ever changes Seasons, rising & falling emotionally through the days, the weeks, & the months, never truly knowing where our emotions will take us next.

Before I found the Goddess (or rather she found me) I hadn’t embraced the full beauty & strength of what TRUE surrender means, letting my emotions rule over me. I now know that to surrender is to accept the truth of how things are, not how we want them to be, & by accepting the truth, this then gives us greater power over any emotions or situations with a deeper clarity in our hearts.

I used to turn away from my shadows, my hurt, my mistakes, & my tears, until I truly Awoke to the truth which is;

Everything wants to be seen, acknowledged, & loved…Even our pain’

They say ‘energy flows where attention goes’, this is true, but don’t think by giving energy to your pain that it will increase. Don’t believe that focusing on the shadows will make things worse. It all comes down to what the energy flow is & where it’s coming from; A place of love, or a place of fear?

The truth is, as long as the energy you are giving your pain comes from a deep intention of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, love, & compassion, then giving your pain some ‘quality time’ may be just the thing your heart needs to let go & move forward. Think about it; How many times have you shared & released the emotional poison within your heart simply because someone have you their time to really hear you?


Fear is another huge part of the Shadow self, always getting a bad name, but how ‘bad’ is fear really?…

Fear has been part of us for centuries & is actually a hugly essential part of our survival. It is deeply innate within each of us, our primal ‘birth right’. Your fear is the first thing to let you know there’s is true danger about, it will rise in your energy to give you a warning. Unfortunately, when we then feel fear rising up again through venturing into the unknown, we automatically believe ‘something’ must be wrong, which is not always the case.

Over the years I’ve came to befriend fear & understand that when it rises in me it is for two reasons;

• It is warning me of impending danger that something is wrong & I need to act fast & listen,

• It is a signal that i’m about to do something truly courageous which is a doorway for me to grow.

How you decided which is which comes down to how aware you are of yourself & building a deeper relationship with fear which will help you in the ‘knowing’ of when it’s a warning, or when it’s a signal for incredible growth.

Like all our shadows, fear isn’t there to hurt out or keep you stuck, it’s too here to fuel your energy & guide you either to safety or to your greatness. Fear is what gives you the fire to overcome your obstacles & helps create your courage, which the next goes into build your inner strength, & it’s only through our courage & strength that we can grow into our greatest selves!…Something that just wouldn’t be possible with that initial whisper from fear.

So often then not we look to our pain, our fears, & our shadows with an energy of hate, resentment, or bitterness, trying our best to ignore it, as this word has taught us to ignore ‘bad behaviour’, but all this does is turn those quite whispers into loud screams then births more of this energy within our whole being, when really we should be embracing them when they arise, hearing their sadness, & even asking;

What are you trying to tell me?


Why are you feeling so sad?

(sometimes looking at our pain objectively can actually help us understand it more).

Then take some time to give yourself what you need, whether it’s alone time, a day snuggled up watching films, a day of crying & releasing or simply writing down your thoughts…

I’m giving you permission to just stop! Its OK to sometimes do nothing except be however you are in this very moment & know in your heart that the pain is a very normal part of our journey & that ‘this too shall pass’…It always does.

So embrace the shadows, love them, forgive them, understand them, & dance with them lovingly in your arms…Sometimes, that’s all they need.

~ Gaia Rose


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Religion & Spirituality 

To me, religion & spirituality is all pretty much the same, their just different words with the same meaning; honouring a deep belief or faith in something greater than yourself.

Both can be beautiful, or both can be not so beautiful, but i dont believe it’s the religion, spiritual practice, or faith that’s wrong, I believe it’s what’s in the heart of each person & the ability to make a right choice which comes from a place of love, rather than a wrong choice from a place of fear, & although certain right or wrong choices may differ to us all, deep down, EVERY sane human knows what’s truly a wrong act, & what’s truly a right one.

I get tired of hearing this world blame a ‘religion’ or ‘spiritual practice’ for causing wars, when the real cause is in the heart of the person & the CHOICE of those who may follow.

It saddens me so much how there’s too many people in this world believing that ‘their’ way is the best way, or ‘their’ beliefs are the right beliefs, instead, we should each be just walking our own paths, honouring ourselves in the best way we can, & respecting the paths of others, even if they differ to our own.

For me, one of my own beliefs is that of Mother Earth/Mother Nature (who I call Goddess Gaia, or just Gaia!) & she has her own unique Spirit that can be felt, which runs through this earth, through us, & through every living thing, & I also believe in father God, but in my own way, which isn’t necessarily the way others believe. Even though these are my own beliefs, I would not try & convince anyone otherwise.

We each share such a wide variety of differences, different faiths, religions, beliefs, & spiritual practices, where many people are fighting to be right & control the masses due to power, greed, & ego. I believe it’s because of the ‘ego’ that takes hold of so many people that this adds to the reason behind so many wars, anger, & violence in this world, which I’ll never fully understand, because aren’t ALL religions or spiritual practices meant to have a core principle which comes from the heart & teaches & acts upon love, peace, & non-judgment?……..Well, they do for me anyway.

The truth is, there isn’t really one religion, spiritual practice, or belief that can 100% be proved, it’s just what we each have faith in & what resonates with us. This is why I choose to never ‘try’ to make another wrong for what they do or their own beliefs, or even ‘try’ to make my own better, instead I choose to accept each to their own.

As a good friend said to me yesterday ‘never put your faith up for debate’, which says to me that as long as you have faith in your own beliefs, then why try to to get others to believe the same? Your faith in your own belief should be enough, & if it works for you & brings you inner peace etc, than that should be all that matters! Shouldn’t it?…


So my over-all message for you is this;

Walk your own path, believe in whatever gives you hope, don’t be scared to voice your beliefs (even if they differ to another’s) but equally don’t force your beliefs on another, & most importantly, live & let live.

When more people truly decide to make a choice from their heart instead of their head & come from a place of love & acceptance for ALL, then eventually, our world WILL know peace.

Gaia Rose xXx

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