My blessing of gratitude to The Goddess Gaia, Our Great Earth Mother.

I’m sitting here in my beautiful, cosy, spiritual haven, with my loves, drinking herbal tea, eating chocolate cake, & feeling deeply at peace after an amazing nature walk with hubby & dogs. As I returned I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for so much I had a little blessing of thanks to Goddess Gaia, our Great Mother Earth, for enabling me to feel so much happiness, & for also calling my heart to such an amazing forest right near where I live, which is full of her incredible essence, her overwhelming Earth energy, her peace, her Empowerment, & her love. 

 Thank you …. 
I’ve never felt more connected to her as I do right now! This is the energy I pray others find. 

The Goddess & her beautiful Divine Feminine energies are truly & fully awake, waiting to flow through the hearts & souls of ALL so this planet may return to peace, harmony, & love. The Goddess longs to be heard, to be acknowledged, & to be felt, so she may bring healing into our lives & bring us back to the beginning when life was simpler, a time when we looked after our planet, & a time when war was never birthed…

Trekking with nature, surrounded by our Mother Earth, sunshine or rain, takes me away from my head & returns me to my heart, to my spirit, & to the truth of all that is. 

The Goddess reminds me what’s real & what’s important, she helps my inner light return & puts her inner smile within my heart, quietly whispering over & over to me, reminding me;

“there’s only peace, there’s only love…always”

Thank you Goddess for reminding me, so I may give to my own heart, & the hearts of others.

Gaia Rose

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