Pray for peace…


Tired of seeing a beautiful planet destroyed by the hands of MAN.
Tired of seeing innocent humans, children, animals, killed, abused, and slaughtered, by the hands of MAN.
Tired of seeing human beings STARVE and go without clean water!!!  This world has enough bloody money to fix this but it’s in the banks of the greedy!
Tired of seeing and hearing war after war, greed after greed, destruction, bullying, killing, homelessness, stabbing, shootings, and abuse of any kind.
Tired of living by rules, set by a bunch of people who claim they are a government simply so they can grant themselves power in a world THEY didn’t create!
Tired of boarders, of a divided world, due to little things like religion, race, or the colour of our skin, when the only thing that truly divides us is the love or hate we each individually hold and whether we live from our head, or from our heart.
I’m so bloody tired, and deeply saddened by it all…

So I pray….PLEASE pray with me…

‘I pray to Our Mother Earth and to all Gods and Goddess’s out there to AWAKEN the human race to the TRUTH and bring down PEACE into the hearts of those that pick up any weapon of destruction, bring down PEACE into the hearts of those that hate, bring down PEACE into the hearts of those with great anger or violence, and bring down PEACE into the minds of all those who think ANY war is creating a peaceful world.  I pray that you send an abundance of LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY to fill their heart and soul so they may drop their fists, drop their violence, drop their hateful words, drop their control, and drop their weapons, and realise that the ONLY act that ever truly brings peace, is PEACE.

“War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” ~ Edwin Starr

~ Gaia Rose 🌹
#war #speakup #Unity #WorldPeace

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