Religion & Spirituality 

To me, religion & spirituality is all pretty much the same, their just different words with the same meaning; honouring a deep belief or faith in something greater than yourself.

Both can be beautiful, or both can be not so beautiful, but i dont believe it’s the religion, spiritual practice, or faith that’s wrong, I believe it’s what’s in the heart of each person & the ability to make a right choice which comes from a place of love, rather than a wrong choice from a place of fear, & although certain right or wrong choices may differ to us all, deep down, EVERY sane human knows what’s truly a wrong act, & what’s truly a right one.

I get tired of hearing this world blame a ‘religion’ or ‘spiritual practice’ for causing wars, when the real cause is in the heart of the person & the CHOICE of those who may follow.

It saddens me so much how there’s too many people in this world believing that ‘their’ way is the best way, or ‘their’ beliefs are the right beliefs, instead, we should each be just walking our own paths, honouring ourselves in the best way we can, & respecting the paths of others, even if they differ to our own.

For me, one of my own beliefs is that of Mother Earth/Mother Nature (who I call Goddess Gaia, or just Gaia!) & she has her own unique Spirit that can be felt, which runs through this earth, through us, & through every living thing, & I also believe in father God, but in my own way, which isn’t necessarily the way others believe. Even though these are my own beliefs, I would not try & convince anyone otherwise.

We each share such a wide variety of differences, different faiths, religions, beliefs, & spiritual practices, where many people are fighting to be right & control the masses due to power, greed, & ego. I believe it’s because of the ‘ego’ that takes hold of so many people that this adds to the reason behind so many wars, anger, & violence in this world, which I’ll never fully understand, because aren’t ALL religions or spiritual practices meant to have a core principle which comes from the heart & teaches & acts upon love, peace, & non-judgment?……..Well, they do for me anyway.

The truth is, there isn’t really one religion, spiritual practice, or belief that can 100% be proved, it’s just what we each have faith in & what resonates with us. This is why I choose to never ‘try’ to make another wrong for what they do or their own beliefs, or even ‘try’ to make my own better, instead I choose to accept each to their own.

As a good friend said to me yesterday ‘never put your faith up for debate’, which says to me that as long as you have faith in your own beliefs, then why try to to get others to believe the same? Your faith in your own belief should be enough, & if it works for you & brings you inner peace etc, than that should be all that matters! Shouldn’t it?…


So my over-all message for you is this;

Walk your own path, believe in whatever gives you hope, don’t be scared to voice your beliefs (even if they differ to another’s) but equally don’t force your beliefs on another, & most importantly, live & let live.

When more people truly decide to make a choice from their heart instead of their head & come from a place of love & acceptance for ALL, then eventually, our world WILL know peace.

Gaia Rose xXx

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