Many people look at the word ‘surrender’ as a weakness or a submission, this may be the case in certain circumstances, but the surrender I’m talking of is the great empowering kind when you literally fling your arms opened wide towards the sky & declare to God, the Goddess, the Universe, or to the source (whoever you feel)

“I surrender to your will,

I surrender to all that no longer serves me,

I surrender to everything & anything which is out of my control,

I surrender to not knowing all the answers,

I surrender”……(choose your own things you wish to surrender to).

Letting go like this shows a deep wisdom, an enormous courage, & the greatest of strengths.

Always remember; The only thing you are ever truly in control of is yourself, your own thoughts, your own actions, & your own choices.

So let go of the rest, surrender, & have faith that all will be beautiful.

Gaia Rose

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