The Awakened Woman…

“It’s a beautiful thing when you realise your own inner beauty, inner strength, & inner courage. You realise that you, & you alone, are the creator of your life, your happiness, & your surroundings. You realise that you are no longer responsible for anyone else but yourself. Your no longer responsible for another’s energy but your own. You become empowered. You see your faults but don’t see them as a weakness, you see them as something to learn & grow from. You know your worth, & speak without fear of consequences because your voice always comes from a place of truth.

The Awakened Woman knows the depths of her pain, knows the story behind her scars, & knows that through all of the struggles she’s endured she will forever keep her head high, moving forward with an inner smile, because through all of her tears, she realises that nothing will ever beat her spirit, & anything troublesome that comes along she will conquer & grow stronger from once again. She sees all challenges as growth & recognises the teachings within them.

The Awakened Woman is a fighter, born with a surviving spirit from birth. She is confident in who she is & where she’s been, but is also humble in the knowledge that she is forever learning. At times, she has a strong exterior, but inside, the softest of hearts. She loves to love & share another’s pain, giving those that hurt her many chances, because she sees the struggles, but she’s also wise enough to know when to walk away.

The Awakened Woman has learnt to love all that she was, all that she is, & all that she’s going to be. Her trust is no longer in how the world sees her & the connections she makes, but rather in the connection she has within herself & spirit, as she knows that spirit is where she came from & where she will return…”

~ Gaia Rose ~

Spiritual Teacher, Author.

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