Underneath it all, we just want love, peace, healing, & a world without war



From Gaia, with love…X

God, Goddess, Angels, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, earth energy, reiki, chakras, meditation, mediumship, fairies, paganism etc…I believe in it all, because I believe that all religions/spiritual practices & faiths all have one thing in common at their very core…love, peace, & healing.
I don’t believe any faith, religion, or healing practice is ever bad or wrong or better or worse than another in any way, it’s people who are bad or good, its minds which are filled with good or bad intention or hate or love, & it’s fear & insecurity in self which wants to destroy or argue with anything or anyone which challenges or goes against it.
I will forever have this belief, with my heart wide open full of love, peace, & compassion for all, with an un-judgemental attitude to each & every fellow human who is just doing their best to make this world a little brighter & a little lighter in whichever way they can…That’s all that should truly matter, how beautiful someone’s heart is & how their trying to make a positive difference in their own life & in the life’s of others…This world needs more of that.

So come on people, stop the judging & start loving. ✌🏼️


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