Winter Solstice is Here!

The Winter winds of change are here!  One of my favourite times of the year…

As the seasons change, so do we.  We Women have our own inner seasons which ebb and flow within us, making us at one with Mother Gaia and all she brings, you just have to look deeper to feel it, not just with your eyes, but with your heart.
The Goddess of winter spreads her icy wings full span, covering this Earth, shutting out the sunlight, killing off many things and pushing us within, making us withdraw from the world.  Now’s the time to be still and reflect on the seasons gone, and also, look forward to the freshly new changes which come with a year of new seasons before us.  Our great Earth Mother of Winter makes us Reflect on ourselves and all which we have learnt, all which we have grown from, and all which we have let go, but she also brings a deep passion into our soul, a fire, burning so fiercely, burning away all which no longer serves us, making us bring fourth our past pains, our sadness, the ‘old’ us and all which we have shredded, all which we no longer want, and all which we have ‘out grown’, throwing them all into the winters fire that her coldness urges us to create.  We wait in anticipation for the ashes to settle so we can sweep away what’s gone to make space for what’s to unfold.  Her winter winds have come to blow these ashes away, assisting us in our ‘sacred ceremony’ of cleansing and letting go.
Our great Goddess has bought this next much needed season to heal us, to help us, to unite us with ourselves and each other, to finally break us free, to shed our skin of all past seasons and to help ‘break us in’ to the new year just around the corner.  Another shift is occurring.

We feel it….

The darkest day is here which means the sunlight is nearer.
We celebrate!

Joy, feasts, friends, family, gifts, promises to each other and to ourselves are made with hopes for a better tomorrow.
Gaia – our Great Mother Earth, has a purpose for all She brings;

Without the darkness we wouldn’t see the light,
Without the chill we wouldn’t feel the warmth,
And Without the sorrow of the death of all life on Earth, we wouldn’t appreciate what it is to truly live

Now’s the time to thank Her.
New changes, new seasons, and new life will soon be here once again!


My heart wishes you all many Seasons Greetings for the coming weeks of your Winter celebrations.

With much heart and warm hugs!

~ Gaia Rose

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