Gaia Rose - captured at HeartsWood Forest whilst writing her latest book 'In My Heart I Know'

Gaia Rose - captured at HeartsWood Forest whilst writing her latest book 'In My Heart I Know'

About Gaia Rose


"Gaia Rose is a true ‘Wild, Free-Spirited Awakened Woman’ who creates her own rules and encourages others to do the same. She is a force of Nature that stirs the inner magic within the Heart of everyone who crosses her path!"



Gaia Rose – Author of ‘The Blossoming Rose’, children’s poem ‘You Can Be Anything’, world renowned ‘Speak Up’ poem, and latest book 'In My Heart I know' is becoming one of the most influential and admired UK Inspirational Speakers, Authors, and Spiritual Teachers due to her down-to-earth passionate nature, her wide open heart, her incredible story, and her unmistakable cockney voice, making her the only Spiritual Teacher of her kind worldwide!

She has such a natural ability of unearthing the courage and truth within the hearts and voices of others and just 'knows' how to bring this out in the most beautiful and freeing way.  



Gaia is married, a mother of two children, (plus two dogs!) and loves spending her time with those closest to her doing the simplest of things but is also a bit of an adrenaline junky, loving anything which makes her heart come alive!   On the opposite side to her wild heart, she also loves long country walks, being surrounded by nature, and practices the beautiful art of belly dancing to keep fit and to help her stay connected to her more feminine sensual side.  

She was born in 1980 at Bartholomew hospital London within the sound of the great Bow Bells, making her a true cockney!  Alongside her writing and talks, Gaia is a devoted lover of Mother Earth and believes deeply in how spending more time outdoors with the visual and essence of Nature can heal even the greatest of wounds and bring us back to the truth within our heart, awakening us fully to our authentic selves.



Gaia is a creative woman of many talents, including art, sculpting, and also used to be a professional singer/songwriter who sung, played guitar, and wrote alongside people in the industry and even had one of her songs up for an award at the Monaco film festival.  Singing was, and is a huge part of Gaia's soul, and although it never fulfilled her enough to pursue as a purpose, she continues to express this part of herself simply for the enjoyment it brings.


She is now a huge advocate for sharing the intelligence and great wisdom of the heart and is also an Ambassador for the world renowned HeartMath® Institute California.  For many years, she has been speaking, teaching, and awakening this intelligence, wisdom, courage and truth within her own heart and the hearts of others, whilst journeying and exploring many other spiritual paths along the way, although her real qualification comes in her abundance of life experiences and great adversities - homelessness, sexual and physical child abuse, drug abuse, the loss of her brother firefighter Michael Miller (to name but a few), but through all of her struggles her deep passion and optimism for life is hugely infectious, and her great determination to continue to never give up, to re-create herself, and to help others rise is undeniably inspiring and courageous.

My life is devoted to not only awakening my own heart, but awakening the hearts of others, through my books and my talks, so together we can learn to speak up from this space, heal our deepest wounds, and unearth our hearts courage for living a true, authentic, purposeful, compassionate life - for ourselves, for each other, and for our great Mother Earth.
— Gaia Rose

The Awakened Woman®