'Serving and Awakening the Feminine Heart'

SPEAK your truth, 

BE your truth,

EXPRESS your truth.

Awakened Woman® was founded at the beginning of 2016 by myself, Gaia Rose.  Birthed from Truth, Love, Intuition, Wildness, Liberation, and Sacred Spirituality, to help serve and awaken the Feminine Hearts of the Earth.

Awakened Woman's Vision

"EMPOWER every woman to unearth the great intuitive wisdom within her wild, free-spirited heart, so she may use that to guide her to her highest purpose, awaken her greatest passion, and bring her deepest peace.

UNLEASH the courage within each woman so she may authentically speak her truth, share her story, inspire others, and feel the great healing and liberation which comes from not holding her hearts voice back.

HONOUR ourselves, each other, and our Great Mother Earth, through voice, dance, meditation, and prayer, so together we can unapologetically SPEAK, BE, and EXPRESS our truth...


- Gaia Rose

Awakened Woman® Offerings



Beautifully intimate, healing, and inspiring monthly outdoor Gatherings, giving space for Women to 'Awaken' her unique spiritual essence, to unapologetically embrace her sensual wildness, to speak her truth, to meditate, to pray, to rise, to honour Mother Earth, and to remember all which HER feminine intuitive Heart has forgotten so she can be of highest service to herself and to others, with a tribe of passionate, empowered, like hearted women by her side.



These beautiful empowering one day retreats with Gaia Rose are to help unleash the wildness and truth within a woman, giving space for her to awaken the wisdom within her heart, speak her truth, and express her feminine soul through dance, so she can more courageously, authentically, and unapologetically rise up into her beauty!

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Belly Dance Classes

Very intimate, healing, sensual, and awakening belly dance classes with Gaia Rose.  These very unique and empowering classes are focused on helping Women claim back HER power - Women who have endured sexual, physical, or mental abuse, Women who have felt shame or embarrassed for deeply loving and honouring her body, and Women who have forgotten how beautiful, liberating, and freeing it feels to move and express HER feminine soul through the art of dance...


Empowering talks given in each class.  

The Awakened Woman®