Awakened Woman® Belly Dance

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Belly dancing is simply the feminine soul expressing herself through movement
— Gaia Rose

A little about the Origins of Belly Dance

Many people have different false misconceptions of this beautiful dance, and although a huge majority of modern women journey into Belly Dance for performance, fun, or fitness, through my own personal experience and research there is so much more to it than that, and the truth of its beauty shouldn't be forgotten...

Belly dancing is an extremely ancient, and beautiful Art, one which can be traced back up to 6,000 years ago.   In many pagan traditions, and before the commercial exploitation of belly dance with certifications and different levels etc, it was seen as a very spiritual, passionate, and powerful dance, a 'movement meditation' which women did to worship the Goddess, Mother Earth, the feminine, or some kind or female deity and express her feminine soul through the natural flow of the female body.  This also allowed women to connect with her body more through pregnancy and childbirth, traditionally passed down from mother to daughter, something known as 'fertility rite's', a right which only women can express, due her ability to create and birth life from her fertile womb, just as Mother Nature also 'births' life, and through this sacred dance, Woman, and Mother Earth, become one.  

When she calls you to dance, you must dance!


It was at the beginning of 2017, belly dance started to make its way into my heart, and eventually express herself through my body.  I started by dancing from home, teaching myself through video and books, then I got myself into a class. The feeling I got from dancing and expressing my feminine soul was so beautifully empowering and spiritual that it just had to become part of my own Awakened Woman® teachings!

How belly dance can help Women

From the moment I began to move and express myself through this ancient and extremely feminine dance, I found I had a natural flow and passion, a passion which has since moved me to dance pretty much every day!  I would lose myself in the movements to the music, forgetting any stresses, concerns, or overwhelm, whilst equally feeling deeply connected and awake!  I started to notice that not only did my belly dancing help keep me fit, confident, and shapely, the outward expression of it also began to inwardly open me up spiritually, helping me heal deep emotional scars, explore my body in ways I had shied away from, reclaim any power that I had aloud others to take from me, and unearth the sensual, intuitive, feminine, wildest part of my soul which had been howling to be set free for years!  

Belly dancing can also greatly help Women/Mothers/Daughters like myself who have endured sexual, physical, or mental abuse, Women who have felt shame or embarrassed for deeply loving and honouring her body, and Women who have forgotten how beautiful, liberating, and freeing it feels to move and express HER feminine soul to music through the art of dance...


I like to remind Women that we are aloud to be both spiritual AND sexy at the same time!
— Gaia Rose

A Dance of the Heart

As a passionate spiritual teacher and speaker who likes to keep things as organic and natural as possible, when sharing my teachings of belly dancing my main focus is on helping Women really flow from their heart whilst reconnecting, honouring, and feeling more powerful in moving and embracing her sensual feminine body to this beautiful art, rather than focus on the performing side. 

Many traditional belly dance moves are taught, whilst learning how to put the moves together to beautiful music, and being encouraged to find your own hearts unique expression.  (Improvisation is hugely encouraged!)

ALL Women - Maiden, Mothers, and Wise ones, are welcome to my classes!  

What to bring

Even on the chillier days you WILL get warm and build up a sweat shortly after dancing has begun, so please bring water and wear something comfortable and light weight.  A limited amount of Hip belts are provided so please feel free to bring your own. 

Come take an intimate, awakening, and healing journey with me, and remember how beautiful you and your body truly are!

View my youtube channel below to watch my belly dance videos and tutorials.

The Awakened Woman®