Awakened Woman® Sessions

Gaia Rose

Have an intimate session with Gaia Rose herself, whether for just one session or a whole season!

Sessions include;

  • Teaching the Teachers - For Women who are currently on the path of spiritual teacher or those rising up as one and are wanting more clarity, courage, or direction.

  • Heart Healing - For Women who’s hearts are struggling in life right now and feel in need of another Woman to share with, so they may be realigned to the energy of their feminine essence whilst being heard, seen, and guided back to their truth in a nurturing yet empowering way.

    See below for more info on each.


Inspired by the world renowned Marianne Williamson

Teaching the Teachers

Calling all present and becoming Spiritual Female Teachers, Speakers, Visionaries, Healers, Creatives, and Writers of the World!

For Present Teachers

Q; Do you wish you had someone to hold space for you to share all your concerns, fears, or struggles with that come from being the light that guides others?

Q; Have you been feeling overwhelmed, self doubting, consumed, or out of alignment with your teaching path?

Q; Are you wanting to inspire others more deeply but are questioning your abilities as a spiritual leader, lacking faith, and losing trust in yourself?

For Becoming Teachers

Q; Is your heart calling you to fully, confidently, and authentically rise up, inspire, and teach your offerings to the world?  Whether that be writing a book, sharing your story and wisdom from stage, or simply holding space for others to rise? 

Q; Do you wake up with a deep calling inside to step into Spiritual Teacher role, but are lacking in self belief, doubting your worth, and scared to shine?

Q; Are you willing to now embrace your fears, release all that is holding you back, surrender, and fully become the Awakened Woman you know your heart is calling you to be so you can be of highest service to yourself and others?

The greatest Teachers don’t teach from a book, they teach from the heart
— Gaia Rose


Awakenening the Hearts of the Femininine

Awakened Woman Spiritual Counselling

Your Awakened Woman® Heart Healing session with Gaia Rose

Gaia Rose is a real ‘Woman’s Woman’ and has such a natural, intuitive ability of seeing what others can’t see, feeling what others can’t feel, and unearthing the courage, authenticity, and truth within the hearts and voices of those around her, just ‘knowing’ how to bring this out in the most beautiful and freeing way.

  • Heart Conversations - A time to speak up, release, and awaken what’s truly in your heart whilst Gaia holds a safe space for you to do so, intuitively guiding you back to truth, by feeling what you don’t say as well as what you do.

  • Heart Awakening - Learn Gaia’s own beautiful spiritual practices for awakening, healing, calming, and bringing you back to your heart, combined with proven science techniques and teachings from her studies with the world renowned HeartMath®.

  • Heart Healing - Hands on healing to help empower, transform, and align your Feminine energy, straight from Gaia’s heart to yours, gifting you with her light until you are reminded of your own.

A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will, without pretense, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.
— Maya Angelou

Why Gaia has decided to offer intimate sessions for Women

“In many of my talks, videos, or in-person teachings, I always attract Women who are either going through their own deep healing, or Women wanting to LEARN more, to HEAR more, and DISCOVER more about HOW they too can be of highest service - to themselves and to others, in a way that feels aligned, authentic, and honest…

Even the strongest of us need someone to share with, to talk with, to cry with, or to simply help remind us of who we are when we have lost our way.

The truth is, we all have greatness within us, we just need to shut out the noise of society, surrender, trust in ourselves more, and stand in the wisdom of our own heart, as it’s our heart which holds the highest power and intelligence to guide us - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The heart is the source of all healing, courage, and empowerment, and once awoken to can lead us to our highest purpose, awaken our greatest passion, and bring us our deepest peace, which then enables us to share this more authentically with others.

So, lets SPEAK our truth, BE our truth, and EXPRESS our truth together, so we can compassionately, courageously, and authentically go out into the world inspiring, healing, and awakening the hearts of those who cross our path, gifting them with our light until they are reminded of their own.

With truth, liberation, and love,

~ Gaia Rose”

Read more ‘About Gaia Rose’ HERE

To understand more about the the power of YOUR heart, you can also purchase Gaia’s latest book ‘In My Heart I Know’.


Gaia’s Garden

Welwyn Garden City


(Full address given on confirmation of session)

£60 - 1 x session

£150 - 3 x sessions


£45 - 1 x session

£120 - 3 x sessions

Your one-2-one Awakened Woman® Session with Gaia Rose will last approx 1hr.

Session times are 9:00am - 4:00pm throughout the week. Excluding weekends. Please enquire below to book.


T’S & C’S

  • Refunds are not given so please be aware of this, although your session may be rescheduled for no extra cost if Gaia Rose is notified NO LESS than 24hrs prior.

  • All sessions are to be paid in full upon booking.

  • For all in-person sessions at Gaia’s Garden, toilet use IS NOT aloud. For those travelling long distance there is a public toilet in Morrisons super-market a minutes drive away. Please respect this.

  • Gaia rose will not diagnose any health conditions and holds no responsibility for any choices you make or don’t make after your session. You, and only you are fully responsible for growing and evolving your life.

  • Prices are subject to change without any prior warning.

  • Your session is not aloud to be recorded, shared, or duplicated in any form. It is confidential between you and Gaia Rose.

  • By having your session you are fully agreeing to ALL these terms and conditions.

The Awakened Woman®