'Awakening and Freeing the Feminine Heart'

SPEAK your truth, 

BE your truth,

EXPRESS your truth.

Awakened Woman® was founded in 2014 and officially Trademarked at the beginning of 2016 by Gaia Rose.  Birthed from Truth, Love, Intuition, Wildness, Liberation, and Sacred Spirituality, to help awaken and free the Feminine Hearts of the Earth.

Awakened Woman's Vision

"EMPOWER every woman and girl to unearth the great intuitive wisdom within her wild, free-spirited heart, so she may use that to guide her to her highest purpose, awaken her greatest passion, and bring her deepest peace.

UNLEASH her courage and vulnerability so she may authentically speak her truth, share her story, inspire others, and feel the great healing and liberation which comes from not holding her hearts voice back.

HONOUR and be of service to ourselves, each other, and our Great Mother Earth, through voice, poetry, and movement, so together we can unapologetically SPEAK, BE, and EXPRESS our truth...


- Gaia Rose

Awakened Woman® Gathering 2020

Awakened Woman® Gathering

A sacred intimate space where Women get together around International Woman’s day, to SPEAK their truth, BE their truth, and EXPRESS their truth through shared stories and performance poetry, with other inspiring and encouraging Women by her side. 

A great annual gathering of laughter, liberation, healing, passion, and celebration of Woman!

Do you have an inspiring story? Poem?

Have you overcame many adversities and have risen victoriously?

Are you being called to SPEAK UP publicly, whether it be to inspire others from stage, or simply to feel the liberation, healing, and freedom that comes from sharing your truth?

If your heart is shouting YES, even through those fears, then see below!

Application for Speakers 2020


T&C’s Awakened Woman® Speakers -PLEASE READ before applying.

  • This is an opportunity for Women and young girls (13 over) who HAVE NOT spoken or shared their story in public before OR those who are wanting more confidence in doing this. (Note - applications are not open to those who have spoken at Gaia Roses previous gatherings. Those under 18 may apply with the consent and attendance of an adult).

  • Your commitment in this is very important. Please only apply if you are truly passionate about taking this next courageous step.

  • Each Speaker has 10 minutes only.

  • Please send ALL info Gaia has asked for (below), or your application will NOT be considered.

  • Speakers may record their own talk via their phone (there will be a stand for this), this is optional but HIGHLY recommended, and photography WILL be used, so please do not apply to speak if you really do not want your face being in the public domain.

  • Once accepted as a speaker you will receive a private welcome video, a little online guidebook about speaking up from the heart, and ONE voice note per week from Gaia or her host Sonia-Jane until the gathering, with teachings and encouraging words from them both, including info on all you need to know. (PLEASE respect that Gaia’s time, her teachings, and this space she is gifting you is all for FREE, so do not bombard her with emails or questions, or her host, as all you need to know WILL be answered in either her welcome video, her voice notes, or her emails).

  • Due to this beautiful free opportunity Gaia is gifting, all speakers will be expected to help share the gatherings details with their family, friends, and the public, as the more Women who attend, the more hearts to be inspired and transformed!

  • Please respect that what Gaia shares with you comes from years of experience in the public speaking field, speaking aside many top authors and other inspirational speakers. Do your best to honour this and take in her guidance as deeply as you can so it may help you feel more prepared when you give your talk.

Details needed

  • Full name

  • DOB

  • Work title OR School/College

  • Website OR one social media link (if applicable)

  • A brief paragraph or two on yourself, your story, and why you would like to speak/what you are hoping to gain from this experience.

  • Title of talk

  • One clear head shot

(Applications for entrants will be open from the 1st September 2019 and close by 1st November. Please DO NOT send info in before.)

2020 Speakers info coming soon!

Outline of Gathering

  • Heart Conversations - Be greatly inspired, moved, and empowered by hearing TEN amazing, courageous hearts, vulnerably share their story or poetry to a crowd! Including inspiration from Gaia Rose herself.

  • Poetry Opportunity for attendees - Do you have a poem or spoken word you would love to share publicly? On the day of the gathering, there will be a chance for three courageous Women to read a single poem out! Attendees will need to write their name on a piece of paper at the start of the gathering which will be randomly chose. (3 minutes each).

  • Book Signing - After the gathering, Gaia will be giving a personal signing of her latest book ‘In My Heart I Know’ (below). You’ll have a chance to connect more intimately with Gaia and ask her any questions your heart feels.

Gaia’s latest book      ‘In My Heart I Know’     Foreword by the World renowned Michael Bernard Beckwith.  Featuring HearMath® California’s head director Rollin McCraty PhD.

Gaia’s latest book ‘In My Heart I Know’

Foreword by the World renowned Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Featuring HearMath® California’s head director Rollin McCraty PhD.


Awakened Woman® Gathering

Held in the beautiful countryside of Hertfordshire, surrounded my nature.

Tewin Memorial Hall, Hertfordshire

11A Lower Green Rd,




Website HERE


Sunday 8th March 2020 - International Woman’s Day

10:00am - 4:00pm (Doors open at 9:40am)

What to bring

You may bring a small light lunch, although there will be light refreshments of water with lemon throughout the day. (Please note; as this is a hall there is no bar or food on site other than the light refreshments by Awakened Woman®)

Free Gift!

There will be a beautiful little free gift for all who attend.



T&C’s for attending Awakened Woman® Gathering

  • Tickets are non refundable but on request can be gifted to another Woman. Please email with the new name.

  • On arrival, ALL attendees need to give the full EXACT name the ticket/tickets were bought under. If your name is not down then you won’t be able to attend. Please respect this.

  • Photography and video is used for promotional purposes at this gathering. Please do not attend if you are uncomfortable with this.

Awakened Woman®