Awakening the Shakti


When we pray, we speak to our Heart, when we meditate, we allow our Heart to speak to us
— Gaia Rose

This incredibly feminine, 20 minute guided meditation is extremely unique, birthed by Gaia Rose herself especially for Women. 

 As well as beautiful visualisations, it also has very healing and empowering spoken affirmations throughout, as we rise through our inner ‘Roses’ of Awakening (as Gaia calls them).

‘Awakening the Shakti Meditation' has been birthed to help women awaken the intelligence within her intuitive heart, honouring herself fully as a woman in all of her expressions. Unafraid to be seen.

Just some beautiful benefits of this meditation are;

ॐ Deeper connection to the Divine feminine force, Mother Earth (Gaia), and the great power of the heart.

ॐ Greater inner visions of our true essence/release of old beliefs

ॐ Awakened courage

ॐ Rise of Shakti energy

ॐ Deeper compassion, aliveness, kindness, and love (for self and others)

ॐ Spiritual Awakening/Enlightenment


What is the Shakti? 

(By Gaia Rose)

The Shakti symbolises the feminine maternal principle, the yin, and the activating of divine feminine power within the womb and heart of us women.  I’ve come to find 'Shakti' is another name for the flow of energy which our great Mother Earth (Gaia) brings.

Although Shakti is forever flowing, women have a greater abundance of feminine flow, whilst men have a more abundance of masculine flow (although both sexes have feminine and masculine within each).

It can also known as Kundalini.  This is the great divine feminine force of infinite wisdom which lays dormant at the base of our spine.
When awoken, the Shakti is then released, continuing her journey up our ‘inner Roses of Awakening’ (as I call them in my meditation) through the spiritual body, helping our ‘separate’ self feel more connected and aligned with the Divine.  Once our Shakti awakens, we become more alive, more compassionate, more nurturing, more open in our heart, more expressionate with our sensual self, and simply more connected to ALL which makes us so beautifully Woman...

When the Shakt rises, SHE is born again.

'Heart of Gaia'

Music used in this Meditation - Heart of Gaia; From the album 'Jewels of Silence' by Ashana

Ashana (pictured above) has kindly given Gaia Rose permission and her blessing to use 'Heart of Gaia' when publicly delivering the Meditation Awakening the Shakti.  Please do connect with her and her beautiful music.


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