Gaia Rose Sculpture Collection

Gaia Rose Sculpture Collection

Art speaks where words are unable to explain
— Unknown

These very unique, beautiful ceramic sculptures are each handmade in every way, making no two pieces the same. Full of feeling and emotion they are an expression and representation of Gaia Rose, of the Feminine, of Woman, of how the most beautiful things can still blossom and grow from the deepest of pain, of Mother Earth, and how all life is ‘birthed’ from Her.

Each piece is made from clay, fired, then sanded and painted to give a simple yet beautiful stoney effect. They are quite heavy and cold to the touch which adds to them also feeling like stone in the hand.

‘Womb of Wisdom’

She stands approx 6.5 inches.

More images and info on Gaia Rose's beautifully feminine sculpture collection coming soon.

Please Note; Gaia Rose Collection is currently not for sale. Please keep updated with future Art events where she will be taking her growing collection and making them available for public purchase.

The Awakened Woman®