Heart Conversations is a collection of FREE inspiration and teachings, from a spiritual yet down-to-earth nature, for awakening the heart and voice of the Wild Woman - through audio, written word, and video.

The meaning behind 'Heart Conversations' - anytime we hear another person express straight from their heart, whether it be shared stories, poetry, speaking a truth, or teachings from personal experience, it inspires, frees, and opens up our own heart for more authentic inner conversations, inner questions, deeper self-discovery and self-evolution.



Real, raw, passionate, inspiring talks and poetry of a spiritual nature in a very open-hearted and down-to-earth approach.


Video Series

A collection of Gaia's videos, teachings, poetry, and all other 'Heart Awakening' messages.


Written Heart Conversations

"Gaia's way of writing really awakens and free’s the readers heart..  She has a beautiful yet powerful way of expressing herself - inspiring, liberating, and deeply connecting with others, simply through her written words, which is vary rare"

Awakened Woman®