In My Heart I Know - 'A Sacred journey back to your Heart'

In My Heart I Know - Gaia Rose

What peoples 'Hearts' are sharing...

This book became available at just the right time for me. Often second guessing myself, ‘In My Heart I Know’ helps put the priority of the hearts wisdom into focus. The tools, facts, valuable insight, and observations combine to create greater clarity on why and how to follow our hearts truth.
A book I will revise again and again along my journey to ensure I stay true to m myself and listen to my hearts wisdom.
— Clare Curtis
This book is written from the heart and is a beautiful read. For anyone who is afraid to be their authentic self or to follow their heart, ‘In My Heart I Know’ will gently show them how. Whenever I open the book, the words on the page seem to be exactly what I need to know
— Helen L Nothard
Expands our understanding of the heart and its transformational power. An awesome read!
This book explores the science and beauty of the heart. Gaia shares personal experiences, insights, and research about the wisdom of following the guidance from this sacred place
— Haneefah Muhammad
Amazing and unsightly read!
The contents of this book connects you to the true depth and wisdom that reside within our heart. It teaches us that the heart is so much more than a beating organ and in fact has a profound intelligence that once tapped into will be the greatest teacher that humankind will ever need
— Barry Hopkins
Inspiring, spiritually guiding, and powerful!
I would recommend this book to anyone seeking personal growth and confidence in following their heart. This book is beautifully written and so heartfelt. Gaia is truly an inspiration, not only to women, but to everybody, and after reading this book that statement is only amplified
— Jodie Auletta
Wonderful book, I am loving every page! Gaia’s teachings from the heart can resonate with every one of us
— Melanie Pitman

About the book


'In My Heart I Know' combines proven spiritual and science aspects together, to share with its readers just how incredible the great intelligence within the heart truly is – It is the source of all healing, courage, and empowerment, and once awoken to its beauty can lead us to our highest purpose, awaken our greatest passion, and bring us our deepest peace!

Foreword from Michael Bernard Beckwith

Featuring Rollin McCraty PhD HeartMath®


Excerpt from the Book

”If you are reading these words then you have already set in motion and listened to the great power which lays within you.  It is no coincidence that you were drawn to this book.  It is that deep knowing inside that called you.  That knowing which calls all of us to the next step, the next path, or the next doorway.  As for the reason why, we’ll, that is something you will discover in time.

My name is Gaia Rose, and I would like to take you on a sacred journey, back to your heart…”

Gaia Rose - In My Heart I Know
In My Heart I Know
By Gaia Rose

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