Awakened Woman® Gathering Guidebook(PDF)

gaia rose


‘A guidebook for holding regular sacred space for Women to gather, heal, speak up, and rise’

This little offering is for Women who’s hearts are being called to hold space to host their own Gatherings/circles.

This little PDF guidebook comes with 33 informative pages to give you what you need to confidently and authentically create your own gathering whilst earning an income. Although it is only a guide, for those wishing to hold one every month there is a WHOLE year of topics for you to share in the ‘Women’s Wisdom’ section!


  • Copyright Laws

  • Introduction

  • Women’s gathering agreements

  • Preparing your own heart to facilitate

  • Preparing the sacred space

  • Holding the space throughout

  • Greetings

  • Opening the gathering

  • Monthly ‘Woman’s Wisdom’

  • Speak up

  • Closing the gathering

  • Brief layout of gathering

  • Meditation ‘Awakening to your Heart’

  • Mother Earths prayer ‘All that I Ask’

  • About the Author

“I hope this little guidebook gives you much clarity, confidence, and self-trust with birthing your very own sacred space for Women’s hearts to gather, awaken, and rise! 

In love and Womanhood ~ Gaia Rose”

COPYRIGHT LAWS - All info within this guidebook may be used for your own gatherings EXCLUDING The name ‘Awakened Woman® Gathering’, as this a trademarked name and CANNOT be used as a title for your own gathering or promotion. All rights belonging to Gaia Rose.



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