Awakened Woman® Gathering - INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY 2019!!!
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Awakened Woman® Gathering - INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY 2019!!!

Join us to celebrate International Woman’s day 2019!

A beautiful evening full of healing, meditation, and inspiration, where a selected few of incredible women have been invited to openly and courageously share their stories publicly with others.

Gaia will also be giving an empowering talk as always, with a signing of her latest book ‘In My Heart I Know’ at the end of the gathering.


For more detailed info on Awakened Woman’s® vision, her gathering, and other offerings, please see HERE.

T’S & C’S

  • Refunds are not given so please be aware of this before purchase. Photography and video footage is sometimes taken for promotional purposes. If this does not feel right with you please do not attend.

  • By making payment you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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Awakened Woman® Gathering
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Awakened Woman® Gathering

SPEAK your truth,

BE your truth,

EXPRESS your truth...

The Feminine way!

With the Autumn Equinox just around the corner, please come join me for a beautifully healing, awakening, and passionate 2 hour gathering full of meditation, heart conversations, and belly dancing!

Held in a beautiful studio with stunning views of nature

Held in a beautiful studio with stunning views of nature

This gathering is focused on holding space for women to truly and deeply heal from the inside out, awaken their truth, speak from their heart, and honour their bodies unapologetically! 

Society has taught us to be afraid who our woman hood, to hold back from being sexy, to shrink our light...

Not on my watch!!!

In these two hours, with the combination of meditation, speaking up, and the beautiful art of belly dance, you will feel more empowered and connected to the wild woman within and without. 

What to bring - Please bring a bottle of water and a small cushion to sit on for the meditation/talk.  Hip belts can be provided but are limited to first come first serve basis, so please do feel free to bring you own if you wish.

What to wear - Anything that is comfortable to move in. You WILL get warm after dancing for a few minutes.  Belly's out are greatly encouraged! 

This Gathering is open to all Women, Mothers, Daughters (age 16 upwards), and all shapes and sizes.  Not recommended for those with bad backs/knees etc. 

SPECIAL OFFER - Only £20!!!

NOTE; Refunds are not available and tickets cannot be moved to another gathering.  Please bear this in mind before you purchase. 

See more about Belly Dancing with Gaia, her meditation 'Awakening the Shakti', and Awakened Woman's® vision HERE

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9:30 AM09:30

In My Heart I Know (Talk)

'A Sacred journey back to your Heart'.

Gaia will be giving an inspiring, passionate, and awakening talk, amongst other speakers, where she will be sharing teachings from her latest book 'In My Heart I Know'.


(if you have already purchased a copy of Gaia's book, please bring and she will happily sign that for you)

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Awakened Woman®