The Blossoming Rose - 'Healing Words for a Woman's Heart'

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What Women’s ‘Hearts’ are sharing...

The Blossoming Rose is AMAZING! I find books hard to read and stay connected with but this book just flows with true words and recognition. This book is my pocket rocket now. A must read for all Women!
— Lauren Davis
Perfect holiday read! Thank you for such an amazing book. I can’t put it down and am amazed of how much I find myself in it describes my own beliefs and feelings
— Bianco Eniko Danculea
A beautifully written book that is all of love and inspiration. A must read for any woman who is on the journey to re-connect with her inner Goddess
— Antonina Andreeva
Wonderfully inspiring words! A book that you can pick up, put down, and open at any page
— Cyndy Harper
I know this book was written from the heart and that in itself is so inspiring. An absolutely amazing and beautifully written book. I cannot wait to read more!
— Jodie Kayleigh

About the Book

The Blossoming Rose is a metaphor for the journey that we as women go through – First we push through the mud, struggling to find our way as children growing into adults, next the thorns come, these represent our trials, our sadness, and the great pain that comes from this, lastly the sun shines, our petals open, beautiful and bright, we have made it! We realise that the beauty of who we are today could never have happened without the sadness of yesterday…The Blossoming Rose is born!

‘Just for today’ is written underneath each message to remind you to take your healing process one day at a time, loving yourself unconditionally on those days you do trip up, knowing that you can always start again tomorrow.